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HELL.... 2003-03-10 22:52:49
by lmbedore
At about 9:45 EST this morning, vector (the file server and all-around guts of the network) decided it wanted to kernel panic and shut itself down. It didn't log any errors, so we're assuming that the problem is with the RAID driver.

I'm going to set up a nightly hot-backup of vector's main drive (which is, for the moment, fairly small) to the other servers, so we can recover if that RAID card completely takes a dump.

Re: HELL.... 2003-03-11 00:11:53
by jamm
we thank you for your actions
Re: HELL.... 2003-03-11 08:25:27
by luuvmuffen
Mondays suck.......
Re: HELL.... 2003-03-11 08:39:28
by stale
What happens when the hot backup takes a dump? Could we consider that a hot dump?
Re: HELL.... 2003-03-11 14:02:12
by lmbedore
redundant hot backups... One to Angstful, one to Chester, alternating between the servers every 12 hours... so we always have at least one full copy. :) It's set up pretty nasty right now. Hopefully I'll get time enough soon to set up a better hot backup with rsync.
Re: HELL.... 2003-03-11 16:29:00
by whitehat
So if the hot dump happened at around noon, could it be called the hot lunch?
Re: HELL.... 2003-03-12 11:01:17
by ibor132
Yes, it went down, since all my signatures and avatars and email disapared...oh well shit happens...and I'll say it again: VectorStar is by far the best free webhost out there.