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Time for a new thread... 2003-01-03 00:19:48
by lmbedore
Well, I figured it was time for a new thread where we talk about how we're still working on the servers and things still aren't done yet. Which is true. And we're still working on this stuff when we have free time, which isn't all that often around the holidays. Yup, we're really lazy. :)

Today, we got the new mail server running. Finally a large, complex piece of the puzzle worked perfectly, without a hitch! The new mail server rocks. On the new server, ALL SMTP mail designated to an email address outside of will require login to SMTP (SMTP AUTH). This is being done to further eliminate the possibility of spam mail being delivered through our network.

The web server IS up and running, BUT I've been having problems with cookies in PHP under the new system. Our tape drive has apparently died, but we have another that appears to work. We still need to get our tape backups up and running. Those are the only major pieces on the to-do list. The rest of it is essentially small stuff (scheduled jobs, automatic maintenance, etc).

Work on the user management and signup system will not resume until after these new servers are up and running. It's far too confusing to work on an administration piece designed for a network that is not yet in place.

Re: Time for a new thread... 2003-01-03 12:54:29
by ykk
Yeap. I think its time for a new one too. Whats SMTP auth and how do we do it? Is mail going to be back in PHP?
Re: Time for a new thread... 2003-01-03 17:08:11
by sirius crackhoe, the member
Piece of shit DLT drives. :) We moved over to a Sony DRU500A / DVD-RW, works like a champ.
Re: Time for a new thread... 2003-01-03 18:10:07
by stale
Speaking of DLT drives, Jeremy, you should get a kick out of this.
Re: Time for a new thread... 2003-01-04 00:22:45
by Chris, non-member extraordinare
The guy who replied is named "Brian Gong." I sort of wish my name were Mr. Gong...I'd teach Kindergarden just for the jokes.
Re: Time for a new thread... 2003-01-04 18:39:09
by lmbedore
I got the cookie problem worked out, only to run into a new bug with the latest version of PHP when using IMAP+SSL on our webmail. ARGH! Frustration! I'll get it working sometime soon.
Re: Time for a new thread... 2003-01-18 19:01:28
by Daniel
Sounds like everything is going well...=D
Re: Time for a new thread... 2003-01-21 19:07:36
by lmbedore
In the meantime, I've gotten the webmail working. This last week I've been working on the tape backups. The drive and software works great. We were having problems earlier with the tape drive going into a constant SCSI-reset cycle in our file server. This is either due to inadequate power (doubtful), or a bad SCSI card (most likely). If it's a bad SCSI card, it will be replaced within a week. (read: new toys for me!)

My current work is on porting our custom kernel patches to kernel version 2.4.20. It'll probably be done tonight or tomorrow night.
Re: Time for a new thread... 2003-01-21 23:07:34
by Jeremy Slater
I still have a spare 20/40 DLT if you need it...