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New hardware/etc update 2002-11-11 18:23:59
by lmbedore
We had some problems with the RAID arrays on the new file server. I'm still trying to figure out if it's a power distribution issue (rather easily fixed) or a bad drive (not as easily fixed). At this point I'm pretty sure it was either a power issue or a power surge, as the machines are not on a UPS at the moment.

I broke down and bought a brand spanking new Cisco 2950-24 switch for VectorStar. We're actually going to have real, quality network hardware for the first time in our 6+ year history!

The servers are coming along well. As long as the file server remains solid, the new servers will be up in only a few weeks.

Ok all sweet and well, but... 2002-11-12 16:09:48
by The Zep Man
When do we FINALLY get the possibility to Sign Up!? I am waiting age's for this!
Re: New hardware/etc update 2002-11-12 16:13:32
by Anonymous
Ow yeah, 2002-11-12 16:14:21
by The Zep Man
I know that story you wrote about all those folks who e-mail you ( ), but that info is already 2 months old... time for an update or what? -Zep
Re: New hardware/etc update 2002-11-12 17:52:45
by sirius crackhoe, the member
Quit yer bitchin', Zeppers. Laird: this screws everything up, we were going to move you to that new high speed token ring hub.
Re: New hardware/etc update 2002-11-12 19:55:24
by lmbedore
Zep: Here's the deal - If you can find people who live near me who are anywhere near the black-belt level of unix-fu which our staff embodies, and are willing to donate their valuable time to writing the user administration system necessary for signups to again commence, I'd be much obliged. The overall design of the administration system is about a year and a half old. If I had time to finish writing the damn thing, we'd be accepting new users shortly. But since I *REALLY* don't have a shit's worth of free time (and MANY of my friends consistently bitch me out for never spending time with them, since I'm always working on VectorStar), and I'm the only person on staff who regularly spends any time at all working on either the hardware or administration piece, everybody's just got to wait for it, as my philanthropy can only stretch so far. Speaking of which, I'm working on the new file server at this very moment, recompiling the kernel.

Sirius: Yeah, I was REALLY looking forward to throwing all token-ring cards in the servers (especially the SPARCs). Hell, maybe then I could actually have a user-definable MTU on a SPARC network card for once! *eeeeeeeeeeeee*
So... 2002-11-13 01:26:35
by The Zep Man
So you DO have time/money to upgrade the hardware... so you DO have time/money to keep this server alive... so you DO have time/money to write this story to me...? But you DON'T have time to write at least a CGI script, which doesn't need to be long, so people could ASK to join (maybe to a serperate e-mail address)!? -Zep
Re: New hardware/etc update 2002-11-13 05:19:38
by caridwen
Zep: do one of two things:
1. wait fo' it.
2. suck a dick, *then* wait fo' it.
Re: New hardware/etc update 2002-11-13 07:49:18
by sirius crackhoe, the member
Zep, maybe if you become an even bigger asshole, Laird will take even more time to get that signup system working so assholes like you can have FREE accounts.
Re: New hardware/etc update 2002-11-13 10:06:55
by Anonymous
Zeppity doodah, Zeppity Day. My oh My Zep doesn't get an account today....
Re: New hardware/etc update 2002-11-13 11:19:25
by lmbedore
It's not as simple as you think to add a new account. There's account database management, logging, cross-server propagation, synchronization, and many other concerns. Keeping NIS, SQL, and local account databases (when applicable) synchronized isn't exactly a piece of cake.

Atop that, we are very particular about how we build our network and its services. We don't do shoddy hacks to get things working. We implement robust, secure infrastructure tools (or make our own) to effectively manage services in an orderly, extensible and easily-understandable manner. This allows us to fix things if something breaks, come up with alternative means of doing things if necessary, and extend our current service offerings without completely screwing up all the stuff we already have working. VectorStar is more than just another free hosting service - we're also an implementer, developer, and advocate of industry standards, giving our staff and users the opportunity to learn and implement really neat stuff while maintaining industry standards. It's a very delicate balance.
Re: New hardware/etc update 2002-11-13 18:29:56
by Anonymous
zep you are a nut sack
Re: New hardware/etc update 2002-11-14 01:34:17
by The Zep Man
Ah, ok... Well, I suppose I will just wait, and see it... after all, if the service is more secure, less problems in the future, right? -Zep P.S. Bedore, do something about those 12 year old's around here who can't type and finally found the "Submit" button.
Re: New hardware/etc update 2002-11-14 19:20:41
by toby
Is Zep Man really Ruprect in disguise?
Re: New hardware/etc update 2002-11-15 10:37:11
by jake
I have an old Pentium II ... 400 that I have no use for. I don't know if it's worth donating .. but I'm not using it for anything. Maybe you could use it as an autmated backup server.. or a coffee table.
Re: New hardware/etc update 2002-11-15 20:23:15
by servet
New Hardware etc update
Password change 2002-11-16 22:59:40
by r3chn3r
Since we no longer have shell access, you might want to devise some secure way for your users to change thier passwords. I know I'd like to..
also... 2002-11-17 01:15:28
by Anonymous
It's been some time since the analog 4.13 program generated any html.
Re: New hardware/etc update 2002-11-17 12:34:39
by lmbedore
Well, now that someone mentions it 28 days since the log stats saved a copy of the generated reports to users' directories... it's fixed. :)

As far as changing your password, SSH to, login, and you will be immediately asked to change your password. SSH is about as secure as one can reasonably be these days.
Re: New hardware/etc update 2002-11-17 21:05:13
by Anonymous
Zep must have Zepped his Zep offline.
Re: New hardware/etc update 2002-11-18 16:00:39
by Anonymous
Is it still funny? I think so.
Re: New hardware/etc update 2002-11-27 23:39:37
by Daniel
I am sorry, but I could not resist posting a message to this topic. Yes, Zep you were getting to be a type of un-speakable troll. If I were Laird, I would not let you join, but that is only my opinion. Laird, if I may call you that, I trully admire your work, I too am trying to set up a server, but I have problems with the aliases to PHP. I hope to sign up to this great server once it is working, it seems fantstic.
Re: New hardware/etc update 2002-12-10 13:40:22
by stale
Daniel: Laird is the man. Don't forget it.
Re: New hardware/etc update 2003-02-25 10:20:24
by Well well
Don't bitch on Laird. He's taking his free time, his own money, and making this service to you. Show some respect...