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Disk Failure... 2002-10-22 20:06:21
by lmbedore
Well, yesterday the main hard drive in Apathy died. We have switched over to the backup drive and everything appears to be up and running. There may be some delays with DNS as other servers realize that we're up and running again.

Thankfully we didn't need the backup SCSI card that I brought along. We're still working away on the new servers. Pretty much everything with them is working as expected, but we still can't get the dual 266 machine to boot from CD. Unless something spectacular happens, I'll be replacing that system with a PIII 733 as soon as I can afford to do so.

Re: Disk Failure... 2002-10-22 20:58:39
by dawgclan
Does this mean we're going to have SQl soon? ~Rothgar
Re: Disk Failure... 2002-10-22 20:59:06
by jake
I knew I should have not posted the other day.
Re: Disk Failure... 2002-10-22 21:20:50
by Anonymous
no dawgclan. you will not be getting sql. don't ever expect to get sql here.
Re: Disk Failure... 2002-10-22 21:38:35
by dawgclan
Ever lol Why's that. And Why are my php scripts broken now? is php being fixed?
Re: Disk Failure... 2002-10-22 21:45:12
by dawgclan
Warning: fopen("/home/dawgclan/public_html/counter/data/visit.txt", "a+") - No such file or directory in /vsn/home/dawgclan/public_html/counter/counter.php on line 39 This is new... worked before the downtime.
Re: Disk Failure... 2002-10-22 21:51:10
by lmbedore
Your problem is that /home is no longer being used for home directories. Don't use abosolute paths to files - use relative paths. This change was made like a month ago, but there was backwards compatibility until now. Considering that I've already been through enough hell in the last 24 hours, I don't feel like putting the backwards compatibility in again, just to support the bad code habits of a few people. :}

If you don't know what relative paths are, look 'em up! :)

And it is true that we'll probably never offer SQL services to our users. It comes down to security, disk and CPU utilization management on a per-user basis within SQL (impossible), etc... That, and very few people need it. Those who really need it need to get their own web server. Seriously.
Re: Disk Failure... 2002-10-22 21:57:44
by dawgclan
Ok can someone tell me an easy way to use a script from public_html/counter called from multiple pages in different directories now?
Re: Disk Failure... 2002-10-22 21:59:14
by dawgclan
Thanks for the help too laird, much appreciated and I enjoy the services you give with or without sql eventually I will be able to get sql. just need cash ;P Thanks again
Re: Disk Failure... 2002-10-22 22:07:39
by dawgclan
Actually don't worry I'll use the new Absolute path
Thanks again, ~Rothgar
Re: Disk Failure... 2002-10-22 22:18:57
by r3chn3r
I've got some old motherboards to donate if you want it. Old pentium boards. I think I even have a cpu to go with one of them. I won't use them ever again so before I trash them, I thought I'd let anyone grab them if they want.
Re: Disk Failure... 2002-10-23 12:04:39
by dragon
Yeah well My account no longer seems to have a public_html folder when i ftp, tho if i purposely tell it to go to that directory it still exists. Not to mention that trying to use relative paths in all my scripts has broken them, what's the new absolute? This of course would happen that the site gets screwed the day AFTER the ad in the school paper i got appears. *not happy*
Re: Disk Failure... 2002-10-23 13:52:42
by sirius crackhoe, the member
Damn, that sucks. You should ask them for a refund. Oh wait, that's right...
Re: Disk Failure... 2002-10-23 14:18:40
by Anonymous
Could this be the purpose of *GASP* a backup and properly written web crap?
Re: Disk Failure... 2002-10-23 14:54:04
by thissa
you can get free sql at or ;)
Re: Disk Failure... 2002-10-23 19:49:55
by jdaunt
We are currently working on a backup solution to answer your first question "anonymous". As far as the second question, anything that is written for Vectorstar is not crap. We unfortunately write effective code that runs on an efficient platform, and offer it free of charge. If this is not sufficient for your needs, feel free to go to Geocities or Tripod, and use their services.

It would be nice if you would just appreciate the hard work that is put into Vectorstar, especially by Laird, instead of bitch when an issue does arise. To everyone else, thank you for bearing with us during all the upgrades.

Re: Disk Failure... 2002-10-23 20:00:32
by stale
I think the comments made by, "anonymous," were directed at dawgclan, not us Jason.

Dragon, sometimes stuff happens and you lose important data. Go pick up a CD-RW drive, they're cheap, and they work pretty damn good for backing up important data.
Re: Disk Failure... 2002-10-23 20:02:04
by jdaunt
Your right frank, I appologize "anonymous". I read all the posts, and made the wrong interpretation of your comments. I agree with frank about the CD-RW drive, and we are currently working on backups and other upgrades for vectorstar.
Re: Disk Failure... 2002-10-23 20:50:20
by Dawgclan
I love you too "anonymous". I fixed my script and it's not poorly written, although I would like to see your scripts. Maybe rather than critisize you should prove your not just a lamer and show your skills.
email and disk failure? 2002-10-23 21:43:46
by jim
I get an error message when trying to check my email. It says: Valid name, no data record of requested type. I only started getting the error a couple days ago. I don't know if this is true for everyone, or if my account just got F-ed up or what. Anyone know?
Re: Disk Failure... 2002-10-23 22:21:07
by Chris
Dawg, you've just suggested that someone might be "a lamer" and challenged them to show off their script skills in the same post.... If you escalate one sarcastic remark (common here, from what I've noticed) into an amusing little flame battle, you're just going to hurt yourself.
Re: Disk Failure... 2002-10-23 22:36:34
by Dawgclan
Thanks for that comment Chris I'm just pissed off that I come here to ask a question and some ass goes off at me. I don't care for flaming
Re: Disk Failure... 2002-10-23 23:57:00
by lmbedore
Jim - I think i've fixed your mail problem. A very good number of users' files have the wrong permissions. This happened because the backup that we are running from was done while the original drive was failing, and some permissions were not copied.

If anyone experiences file permissions problems (can't create files, can't see your public_html directory through FTP, etc), please email me. I'll make a script tomorrow night that will fix all of these settings for all users, but I need some sleep. :)

Today I bought a bunch of hardware (thus spending a lot of money), and will be replacing the dual 266 motherboard of much loathing with a PIII-733 which is known to work exceptionally well. This is the LAST technical holdup for us finishing the new servers! They should be running soon.
Re: Disk Failure... 2002-10-24 07:29:15
by ykk
Any idea about any .htaccess thing on this server?
Re: Disk Failure... 2002-10-24 21:46:54
by stale
Dawgclan, please relax a little. Additionally, the word lamer went out of style circa 1996.

Chris, what happened to pointedly specifying that you're the non-member?
what is.... 2002-10-26 03:38:21
by Sire
What is the full path that we should use in cgi scripts? Like for this? Cause my script worked fine until just recently. " $datadir = "/path/to/datadirectory"; This variable should contain the absolute ystem path to your news data directory. So if you keep all your files in /home/username/public_html and you make a directory under there called 'newsdata', then $datadir would be set to: /home/username/public_html/newsdata. The 'newsdata' directory should be chmoded 777."
Re: Disk Failure... 2002-10-26 07:53:05
by Dawgclan
Well, I'll tell you because I'm not one to spaz out.