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Upgrade delays 2002-10-05 13:03:27
by lmbedore
The motherboard for Chester (Our dual 450 xeon) fried due to a BIOS flash gone bad. I tried buying another board for it off ebay, but that board was dead too. We're now planning on replacing it with either a single P3-733 or an Athlon XP 1600+. The jury is undecided, but the purchase should take place early next week.

This is a pretty serious deal because chester is supposed to host mail and SQL for us - both really important services. We also have to take Apathy down for a while to do upgrades to it (RAID, new processors, new OS), and we can't afford to be without the power of chester.

So the upgrades are being slightly delayed again as we must buy more hardware.

Re: Upgrade delays 2002-10-05 22:37:42
by sirius crackhoe
We are in the proccess of replacing our main server with a Dual athlon 1600... been building it out for about 2 weeks and very impressed with the performance. Give it a shot.
Re: Upgrade delays 2002-10-09 23:37:43
by lmbedore
The Athlon XP 1600+, motherboard and fan were all ordered tonight. Due date is probably Tuesday of next week.

It's pretty interesting to consider that a 1400mhz CPU, new motherboard, new fan, and shipping came out to less than half the price of just a new dual Xeon motherboard for chester's old CPUs. Indeed, the 'Age of the Xeon', if it ever existed, is over.