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Linux for a Year! 2000-09-19 09:28:00
by lmbedore
I just realized today while digging through some old CGI's that VectorStar has been running Slackware Linux for just over a year now!

It's been about 2 years now that we've been doing free hosting and mail. The first year of it under NT was quite a burden with only about 20 users. I had to spend at least 3 hours a day maintaining that junked out operating system. Today, we have about 85 users, and the system actually requires no maintenance on my part other than the obligatory monthly backup. Realistically, i could even automate that, but I prefer doing such backups manually.

VectorStar is also on the breaking point of a new plateau as far as usage goes. We are servicing about 10,000 HTTP requests daily. We're still only pushing 66 Megs of web traffic a day, which is less than 1K/sec on average. that's only ~2% utilization of bandwidth, and 0.5% CPU utilization on the web server! We can handle a whole lot more traffic, so we need a few sharp sites that will use it to come aboard.

Basically, we're tripling the processing capacity of VectorStar in a few weeks, and we could literally run the entire network on a single 486 DX/4-100 without a hitch if we wanted to. C'mon! we need someone to actually do something that taxes out the new Dual Xeon and the two Sparc Servers! :) Develop new video streaming software or a new database system or something! Geeez.

Congrats to the staff that's helped me through the years: Josh, StaleMeat, Alaster, Xer0boi (okay, not an admin, but he had a helluva good site), Pogo, and Vahman. Sad to see Josh and Alaster not active recently, but I seriously hope that will change again.