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Preparations for Upgrades 2002-09-18 13:00:39
by lmbedore
I will be making some systems changes over the next couple of days, especially tonight. These changes will be to get our current system better in-line with our future network architecture.

The main change going on is the directory structure. Home directories and website directories will be moving.

these changes might cause some CGI's and PHP scripts to break. If you see any broken pages (that normally work) in the next few days, please let me know.

Re: Preparations for Upgrades 2002-09-18 13:21:41
by stale
Looks like you took out the "User Web Sites" listing.
Re: Preparations for Upgrades 2002-09-18 18:55:32
by lmbedore
Okay, I made the changes to the home directories and the web server. Things should be back up and running.
Re: Preparations for Upgrades 2002-09-19 11:59:53
by Douglas
A brand new lay-out. And the Web Cams (currently) seem to be gone ...
Re: Preparations for Upgrades 2002-09-19 12:15:24
by toby
no body has sent in images recently for them i dont' think....
Re: Preparations for Upgrades 2002-09-23 06:48:40
by [3]
been uploading webcams.. i've had to change the webcam upload directory to /home/username/webcam/ to put it in the right place, but i'm guessing this is no good unless the CGI script is pointed at the same places...... ftp login dumps me straight to not like it used to.. guess thats just login tweakin eh?