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Progress on all fronts! 2002-08-20 21:47:02
by lmbedore
Somehow, magically, due to some mystic freak of nature, I FINALLY got a working test-version of the mail server setup I've been trying to outline for months upon months!

It'll probably be a few more months before it goes into production. There are a few small pieces (like integrating webmail with this new setup) that need to get worked out before it can go into production.

So far the test environment successfully receives emails from the internet, allows outbound mail to be sent by authenticated users, and provides SSL connectivity for all 3 mail protocols (SMTP, POP3, IMAP). The only protocol that will be available in non-SSL form is SMTP, so that other mail servers can get mail to us.

Now that I've got the build process tested and documented (and copies of the patches I had to make archived), work will continue on getting NIS working, so we can span our services across all the new servers that will be built this week. Things are coming along very nicely this week.

Re: Progress on all fronts! 2002-09-03 09:06:26
by lmbedore
Getting RAID to work on our servers has proved to be much more difficult than expected. The revision of Promise FastTrak card we have isn't supported in the default kernel. With some modifications, we managed to get it working this weekend.

The SuperTrak SX6000 card we have still isn't working. Promise's driver code doesn't seem to like anything other than older RedHat kernels. We're trying to get it to compile and run on the new kernel, but it's proven much harder than expected.