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DNS and IP Changes 2002-06-20 16:01:47
by lmbedore
After months of idiocy from Network Solutions/Verisign, we might actually be able to manage our own domains like normal people again! Long story short, Verisign screwed up and locked us out of our own domains. Due to this, we've been running on one DNS server for the last 3 months. Luckily it's a pretty stable DNS server, and no major problems have come up.

We will also be changing the IP's of our servers soon. ALL of you who have your own domain hosted here need to update your DNS records! We do not yet know what the new IP is going to be. Set your DNS record for your domain to be a CNAME (tech term for an alias) pointing to If you can't do that, wait until we know what our new web server's IP will be.

With the recent availability of both OpenBSD 3.1 and Slackware Linux 8.1, we now have real motivation to do some updates to our servers! We will be moving things around a bit in the next few months. 90% of what we do you'll never notice (even if you're looking), but some changes might require some of you to make some minor adjustments. Keep your head up for more updates here. Many will come.

Re: DNS and IP Changes 2002-06-21 11:27:43
by lmbedore
DNS is nearly fixed! amazing.
We will be changing IPs tonight around 9pm EST (midnight GMT). There may be as much as an hour of downtime while DNS caches update with our new information.

The new web server IP will be
Re: DNS and IP Changes 2002-06-21 23:48:08
by lmbedore
Allright... we've moved IPs. We're back up. Life is good.

If for some reason you experience hours of inaccessibility before reading this message, blame it on your ISP's name server caching policy. :)