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Progress and new stuff 2002-06-14 15:40:00
by lmbedore
We have finally started our weekly Staff Meetings again, after a 4-month lapse. There are a number of things we are slating as major immediate projects, including:
  • User account management, giving you the ability to manage your password, account features, virtual domain name, and more. Actually, a good piece of this system is already written - we just have to finish it up and put it in place!
  • New User Signup system - yeah, yet another revision of this thing. The last one was almost what we wanted, but then we changed our minds. :)
  • New servers - Well, in phases. First we're going to add 2 machines to do DNS. Then we're going to take chester (currently doing only and move everything to it for a little while. Then we're rebuilding Apathy and moving half of the services back to it. On the next phase comes brand new hardware!
  • Tape backups - This, in addition to the new hardware and moving servers around (to add RAID and better filesystems), will help us out in case we have major data loss. You may be saying 'who cares'.. We care! It's a big project and it'll keep you from losing your web site to the magical bit-bucket!
  • Big changes to web services - We are currently using Apache 1.3 and want to move to Apache 2.0. We will probably set up a test server which will run in parallel with the existing setup, allowing users and admins to test stuff on Apache 2.0. When things are pretty stable, we'll switch to the test server for a day or two while we put Apache 2.0 on the production boxes.
There's a lot more that we'll be doing, but not in the immediate future. Just wanted to keep everyone updated!

Re: Progress and new stuff 2002-06-14 22:54:16
by sirius crackhoe
Hmmm... time to order another rack.
Re: Progress and new stuff 2002-06-15 12:13:58
by lmbedore
yeah... didn't you find those relay racks available for like $150? if that's the case, i can probably swing that next week. that thing we call a rack right now is really..uhmm...not good in any way. :)
Re: Progress and new stuff 2002-06-15 15:10:09
by Anonymous
New User Signup System? That'd be rockin.
Re: Progress and new stuff 2002-06-15 23:15:48
by sirius crackhoe
Re: Progress and new stuff 2002-06-16 02:34:44
by vrolok
Tape backup? That's pretty high class.