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Possible DNS slowdowns 2002-03-20 09:26:35
by lmbedore
Since Network Solutions is completely inept, we are currently without a secondary nameserver. You might experience some delays when resolving domains at VectorStar, until I can get the complete idiots at Network Solutions to fix this.

I give them more than 30 days and they still can't do a fucking DNS change properly. They can NEVER get ANYTHING done right.

Re: Possible DNS slowdowns 2002-03-25 15:01:31
by stale
Uh oh! You remember what happened last time they did this...
Re: Possible DNS slowdowns 2002-05-13 16:49:57
by Anonymous
Why don't you use No-IP's DNS? I think its $25 a year, and all you have to do is run a program on your servers that updates your IP.
Re: Possible DNS slowdowns 2002-06-09 12:28:47
by Anonymous
Not that i disagree with you on netsol, but you may want to reword your publicly viewable complaint, so as to not scare away potentially new customers with naughty language! :)