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Moving home directories! 2002-02-22 13:18:33
by lmbedore
We are in need of scaling the home directory structure. Right now, everyone's home directory is in "/home", which makes directory listings very messy.

I'm looking at what it will take to make a nicely scalable home directory structure. So far, the idea is to use the format "/home/b/bob" for all users whose names start with a, and so on throughout the alphabet. The problem is that we'll see the same performance problems when we reach 26 times our current user base. I'm going to look into doing "/home/bo/bob", which should allow us to scale the current directory tree size to 676 times as many users. The only downside is that 1-letter usernames won't be acceptable (only affects 2 users).

When I work out all the solutions and system changes needed, I'll add a comment to this message, to let people know when the change will take place. I imagine that some of you have CGIs which have hard-coded full directory paths, and those will need fixing.

Re: Moving home directories! 2002-03-05 08:19:34
by michael
my .htaccess thingies used to work. i havent updated anything but these days, it ain't workin. does the "moving home directories" have sumthin' to do with it?
Re: Moving home directories! 2002-03-10 15:55:15
by vortex
I have the same problem with .htaccess :-( Is it related with this change?
Re: Moving home directories! 2002-03-11 07:32:16
by lmbedore
There has been no change - we are only looking into what is all involved in doing such a change.

The .htaccess problem is unrelated. it started when we upgraded to apache 1.3.23. The problem is that I can't isolate what caused htaccess to stop working.