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CGI execution problems... 2002-02-12 00:50:12
by lmbedore
I'm testing a few changes to the web server configuration, trying to fix the inexplicable Internal Server Errors on CGIs. It has to do with the web server failing to allocate memory for CGI execution. If anyone notices things working much better or much worse, please add a comment here so I can get an idea of how well the changes are working for you.

Re: CGI execution problems... 2002-02-12 23:05:45
by toby
Haven't noticed any of those annoying "Internal Server Errors" yet. Might have fixed it!
Re: CGI execution problems... 2002-02-13 03:12:38
by geek
i havent noticed and "internal server errors" yet also, i think it is fixed
Re: CGI execution problems... 2002-02-13 11:26:45
by lmbedore
I took out 3 configuration settings all at once, so i'll put them back one-by-one (with a day or two inbetween each) to see what happens.