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New User Signups... 2002-02-04 09:46:05
by lmbedore
We are disabling New User signups due to a flood of invalid signup requests. There is no planned date to re-enable signups at this point.

Re: New User Signups... 2002-02-05 18:08:50
by Anonymous
Awww! I was searching and Searching the net for a free host that would have a cgibin and some other file support to experiment with later... this was the only one i came by that i liked.. and i was 2 days to late... =( i'm supposing you wouldn't be able to help a guy out and whip me up an account... whouldcha?
Grrrrrrr...... 2002-03-09 16:28:56
by Jesstech
Why is it that every host that you find good stops it's sign-ups? I've been searching for a host that supports at least PHP 4.0.3, and you guys are the only ones I can find...