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Web Server CGI errors... 2002-01-29 20:48:15
by lmbedore
Recently, some unexpected Internal Server Errors have been occurring. They are due to too many CGIs executing at once. The web server has a configured limit of simultaneous CGIs set, to avoid exhausting the server's memory. I've increased the number of simultaneous CGIs permitted to execute from 25 to 40. This should alleviate the problem in most circumstances.

Just to put some stats updates up here... We're now home to about 1200 users. Disk space is at about 20% total capacity, and RAM usage is around 25%. CPU usage is in the realm of 3%. We're still working on getting the money together for adding some new servers to the network. I'm quite sure that we'll get most of these servers in place before we cross 50% disk or memory usage.

For those of you curious, I've updated the Planned Upgrades and Planned Projects pages under "Network Info". They outline the specs of the servers we're looking to build.

Development of our new User Administration system is coming along, though a little slower than I hoped. It will give users the ability to add/remove services from their account, change their virtual domain, change their password, and other useful stuff. It'll also include a less-quirky New User Signup system. :) When this system is done, it'll also give us the needed structure to allow all VectorStar users to post and comment on the VectorStar MessageBoard.