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super cool new stuff. 2002-01-16 21:42:17
by lmbedore
Well, it's about time we put in bandwidth quotas for websites. We're allowing approx. 2GB per month for each user (69MB per day). If you go over the 69MB daily limit, your site will become inaccessible until midnight, at which time it will again be available.

Want to know your bandwidth utilization stats for the day? Go to . Sorry domain users, the usage page is only accessible with the /~username/usage URL.

In the process of installing and testing this, I discovered a disparity with the /stats.html page and how much bandwidth usage it reports. It is quite possible that you can use your 69MB of daily throughput, though your /stats.html page shows significantly less usage. This is due to the on-the-fly compression module we are running in the webserver. If this proves to be a serious problem, I may increase the daily limit to accomodate.

Oh yeah. I finally fixed the cgi-bin directory on, so things like the user list, voting booth, etc. work again.

Re: super cool new stuff. 2002-01-17 13:39:32
by smokey
right on
Re: super cool new stuff. 2002-01-24 06:48:49
by BrisGeek
Hey thats no worries to me. recently i just purchased the domain and to accomodate this im going to a commercial server. only becuase i dont want to lay heavy traffic on your already generous servers. until i launch the site, my mirror will be on your servers for cross server testing if thats ok. vectorstar has been the best help to me over the years. and thanks to your great tech support with my portfolio site ( i got the scholarship i applied for and another university one to boot. superfly will stay but brisgeek is moving on. thanks dudes j00 r0x0r
Re: super cool new stuff. 2002-01-24 19:23:35
by lmbedore
it's definitely fresch to hear about cool stuff happening involving VectorStar in any way. :) Thanks for letting us know - it gives us something good to think about when we get discouraged by script kiddies and the like.

It's a shame that none of them actually have M4d 5k33!Z, but that's a different story altogether. :)
Re: super cool new stuff. 2002-01-25 05:04:17
by nookadum
btw guys, this is your 100th news post. congrats! =)
Re: super cool new stuff.i like 2002-03-13 04:07:58
by china
cool! i like !
Re: super cool new stuff. 2002-03-13 04:09:02
by chinese i like !
Re: super cool new stuff. 2002-03-13 04:09:14
by chinese i like !