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New Site Structure 2000-07-16 21:22:00
by lmbedore
Welcome to the lastest design of VectorStar's web site and web services. Here are the changes of major importance:
  • The old 'News' is now part of the VectorStar MessageBoard service.
  • The new News is actually going to be news, status updates, service-related information, and the like. All the old conversation, ranting, harassment, and E/N material will be in the Message Board.
  • We're going to open up the message board to allow anyone to sign up and post, but that's going to wait until I feel like writing the additional code for the project.
  • The whole process of getting a free account on VectorStar is going to become much easier. I'm going to make a goofy web form to handle it. Once it's in place, I'll tell you to send all your friends over for their free slap in the mouth! :)
The new look is (in case you're not familiar with its roots) based on the old-school ANSI Text menus that really gave the flavor to the old BBS systems of yesteryear. It's mostly text, with images made of the ANSI standard font blocks. I even sampled all ANSI standard colors (from the original 16 color palette) to keep it straight. If you don't like the new look, you're probably sitting behind your parents' latest Gateway or Compaq pile of trash that has no right being called a computer anyways. You apparently lack the perception required to understand and respect the value of old-school style in computers. Then again, that's why you're using Windows(tm). That's also why your Windows(tm) box crashes hourly. That's all I have to say for today. Enjoy!

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