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Time Warner hax0ring 2002-04-11 11:18:52
by stale
This is a fairly interesting article on cable modems. Specifically Motorola cable modems which are widely used by Time Warner. I haven't tried any of this yet, but I'm sure one of you freaks (Toby) is going to give it a shot.

Re: Time Warner hax0ring 2002-04-11 15:56:23
by marasmus
That's st00pid fresch. I got some ideas to t'row atop that:

For cable modems that don't cache MAC addresses (and it MIGHt work on those that do), build a permanent TFTP server with the proper IP address that the modem's looking for. Set it up to ping the cable modem EVERY second. Leave it on 24/7.

If you've ever watched your cable modem while it's being reset, you'll notice that the ethernet link connects and stabilizes like 10 seconds before the coax. In that time, your pinging server will get its MAC address cached in the modem's ARP table for that administrative IP. It will query your machine for the TFTP config image EVERY time, thus blocking your provider from ever sending such config upgrades down to you again.

That way, it's tamperproof. If the cable provider ever tries to flash you and it doesn't work, all they can really assume is that the modem is damaged. Since they're overworked with very few resources, they'll just let it slide, since your cable service is still working. They've got bigger problems to deal with.
Re: Time Warner hax0ring 2002-04-11 16:10:02
by stale
Hell, I just want to remove my upstream cap.
Re: Time Warner hax0ring 2002-04-11 23:33:41
by toby
This is interesting. I have seen this kind of thing before and also know of a way with the old @Home network to do this. Although if it only works with the described cable modems I am at a loss. Unfortunately for the cable modem customers new to the service in the last 3 years, Motorolla modems have been replaced by crappy and screwy Erickson PipeRider modems. The PipeRider modem in my experience has latency problems and connection problems that my old Motorolla modem (at my parent's house) doesn't have. I have been on the phone at all hours with Time Warner techies trying to diagnose my modem issues. I have yet to find a problem on my side of the network. I helped them discover router issues and power problems on my node. I also have fallen victim to unnotified changes in cable signal that cause my to call their dumb asses up. Currently they are working at trying to find some way of adding more users to a fiber line that is maxed. I hope the newbie tech support specialists have fun and don't fsck anything else up. I think I will go with DSL in the near future. Perhaps I will have better luck than Marasmus.
Re: Time Warner hax0ring 2002-04-12 09:44:45
by marasmus
Even with the hell that goes along with DSL (100% Verizon's problems), it's STILL better than TimeWarner/AOL cable modem service. Provisioning, Confirmed Information Rate, and VERY straightforward routing leads to good, predictable service. Unless you're using IJ. They still need to stop using Lego blocks and EZ-Bake ovens as their core and edge routers, respectively.
Re: Time Warner hax0ring 2002-04-12 13:19:41
by jeremy
If you're serious about DSL, send me your number that you want qualified for it and I'll get ya hooked up.
Re: Time Warner hax0ring 2002-04-12 15:45:06
by Anonymous