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Got nuts? 2002-04-10 20:40:34
by pogo
Ok, i'll warn you first, this isn't BAD, but umm kinda questionable? ANYWAY....check out DEEZ NUTZ.


Re: Got nuts? 2002-04-10 23:49:28
by caridwen
I just had one of those rare moments where I was glad that I am sicker then fuck and that almost didn't make sense. But I guess my medicines are actually working now and I realized that I was looking at the squirrel from
Heh, I have underwear from there.
Re: Got nuts? 2002-04-11 11:19:50
by stale

Re: Got nuts? 2002-04-11 16:08:58
by marasmus

Caridwen: I'm sure you do. ;)
Re: Got nuts? 2002-04-13 15:38:03
by caridwen
Marasmus: i have their whole spring line :)