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1943 re-release 2002-04-02 20:09:45
by pogo
Ok i fixed some minor problems that i found and/or knew about. The windowed mode "bug" still applies.

I've re-uploaded the file and you can get it here.

You _could_ just plop it over the old one, but i'd delete it just to be safe. I added some new features as described in the readme.

For any of you who are crazy enough to poke around the config files you will notice main.txt contains hitpoints and damage......maybe you can tell me what happens after 45 minutes ^_^

Have fun with this thing. I'm re-writing my API to make new games easier to write (and faster). I'll resume work on it this weekend, and start a new spy style game then.


Re: 1943 re-release 2002-04-02 23:21:19
by pogo
Ok I forgot to mention I'd like feed back...

Check this out