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Ooops 2002-03-26 22:00:55
by pogo
Ok some I'm two days late releasing my 1943 clone. I've been going crazy trying to find a place to live soon and what not. Let me take a moment to ramble on about it (1943).

I currently have sprite collision detection down to the pixel level (no crappy rects). This requires SLIGHTLY more cpu time than rects but provides for more realism.

The game isn't tied to frame rate, it is tied to internal measurements (delta time). I did some prelim testing in window mode, and the game is playable down to ~10 fps. Full screen mode will be the default.

The single level I haven't bothered to write yet is approximately 44 minutes of playing long ( I THIN ) this could easly be wrong and extend to an hour. My 6 minute test was off by a bit ;-P

I need to add the title scren, the config screen, and display your hitpoint thingy, score, and remaining tries. And design a level ( i'm lazy ).

It should be ready by the weekend if I'm not too busy.

Until then, entertain yourselves with this fool.

Re: Ooops 2002-03-27 09:37:34
by stale
Re: Ooops 2002-03-28 00:28:47
by forge
that's some totally whack shit.