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Tic Tac 2002-03-15 10:41:59
by pogo
maybe Toe. I wrote a crappy ass tic tac toe game in directX i posted it on my crappy ass web site. It requires DIRECTX 7 and TWO people ( or one BODY and two personalies as three or more is highly NOT recommended ). Any way, you can grab it HERE. It is about 72K compressed, about 2Megs uncompressed ( hurray 24 bit bitmap images ).

UPDATE: Please make sure you are using 16 bit color modes ( I orriginally designed the current API for full screen...). And Double click to place an X or O. Check the comments for directions on how to change the order of X and O.

Re: Tic Tac 2002-03-15 14:12:09
by vahman
It doesn't work right on my laptop. It is all weird looking.
Re: Tic Tac 2002-03-15 14:19:11
by stale
I'm a retard. It took me like 20 minutes to realize you had to double click to put an X or an O in the box. My bad.
Re: Tic Tac 2002-03-15 14:21:34
by stale
Hey, how come it starts with an O? I thought tic-tac-toe started with an X.
Re: Tic Tac 2002-03-15 16:30:09
by pogo
Vahman: Sys specs plz (I wrote/tested it on ME).
To address the X and O stuff, if you _want_ to be picky, open up game.txt with your favorite editor
you will see this:

# Generated by SPITE version 2.0    *

bitmap : pieces.bmp
spritetable	: 0 ,  0, 0 , 96 , 96
spritetable	: 1 ,  96, 0 , 192 , 96

simply change the 0 and 1 like so

spritetable	: 1 ,  0, 0 , 96 , 96
spritetable	: 0 ,  96, 0 , 192 , 96

and save it. This will change it to X first and O second.  
Re: Tic Tac 2002-03-15 16:50:24
by pogo
Already found the problem. You are not using 16 bit color are you ? I'm looking for a fix.

Solution for now: use 16 bit color mode. I have to work on converting for 32 bit, etc which takes time. I'll include it in my next round of API.

So now, if anyone has any other problems let me know.

Re: Tic Tac 2002-03-15 17:34:30
by Pogo
assuming you want to change the images around please understand the bitmap code is FLAKY. Pick a resolution and MOD it with 8. if you get anything other than 0 don't bother using it. I'm sure with simple math skills you can figure out how the config files work.

If you change anything, i'd love to see a screen shot (I EXPECT ATLEAST ONE VULGAR ONE).

Happy Hacking.

Re: Tic Tac 2002-03-16 01:32:24
by toby
What a wicked game you have devised here.. You have a SPITE table.
spite Pronunciation Key (spt) n. Malicious ill will prompting an urge to hurt or humiliate. An instance of malicious feeling.
Also wondering what is the font.txt and font.bmp used for? I don't see any fonts that are drawn on the DirectX Screen. All in all pretty good example of your DX skillz! I wait in anticipation for the next game to play at work all day.
Re: Tic Tac 2002-03-16 10:24:13
by Pogo
First off, you should realize that maybe "SPITE" is the name of the program that Generates sprite tables for me. Note that font.txt is rather large, and i personally do no like making those files by hand.

As for FONT.txt...You can enter text, i just don't draw it. But it is there....after I get back into the mood, I'm adding multiplayer abilities to tic tac toe.

You already knew that, I told you Thursday.

I'm drawing up plans for a _fullscreen_ zelda like game. Single screen of monsters, run around, kill shit, save something, do a dance, eat poop, die, Play again.

Re: Tic Tac 2002-03-16 10:35:24
by pogo
ok, I'm making a directory specifically for Tic Tac Toe on my site, if you change the images and think they are cool, send them to me (just the images) and i'll stick them up with the others, include a text file with your name so you get credit ( or don't ).

Get your Tic Tac Toe modsHERE!!!