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Man beef 2002-03-07 12:47:15
by smokey
This is pretty sick Anyone wanna go in on some with me?

Re: Man beef 2002-03-08 15:31:25
by stale
I got yah man beef... right 'ere!
Re: Man beef 2002-03-08 18:03:42
by caridwen
oh brother...
Re: Man beef 2002-03-08 20:26:46
by jeremy
... it very well could be!
Re: Man beef 2002-03-09 06:47:29
by marasmus
It's a shame they don't actually sell human meat. It'd be quite an experience if they did. :)
Re: Man beef 2002-03-09 09:49:08
by forge
i think they do, down on 42nd street in new york.
Re: Man beef 2002-03-09 10:38:47
by smokey
You gotta like the disclaimer though.
Re: Man beef 2002-03-09 13:46:37
by stale
Forge: They also sell that shit over on Nebraska Ave.
Re: Man beef 2002-03-11 23:45:06
by forge
they might as well down 60 too, the way those highschool brauds were dressed the other day when i was out workin...i say got damn!