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Legality. 2002-03-03 16:31:37
by caridwen
My party was the bomb shizza, mah nizzas. We rocked the hizza like it was no bizza. Word.

Round two is tonight, but I think I shall bow out and do something productive, like go get a tattoo instead.

Happy Birthday to me, Motherfuckers!

Re: Legality. 2002-03-03 23:27:33
by forge
suck me, beautiful...
well, suck me at any rate.
Re: Legality. 2002-03-04 10:27:18
by marasmus
So, lemme get this straight... You are now eligible for Old Balls (tm)? I'm not saying that you like Old Balls; just that you are now eligible. Congrats, since eventually everyone gets Old Balls.
Re: Legality. 2002-03-04 17:14:23
by stale
Some sooner than others. Once my balls get old, I'll be sure to increase the number of teenage girls that have had the old balls experience.
Re: Legality. 2002-03-04 20:55:30
by marasmus
Re: Legality. 2002-03-04 21:39:41
by stale
Re: Legality. 2002-03-04 23:30:51
by forge
Re: Legality. 2002-03-05 03:01:54
by smokey
That Roni's be say'n...
Re: Legality. 2002-03-05 03:58:01
by caridwen
nothing is ever about me, is it?
Re: Legality. 2002-03-05 09:04:53
by stale
Meg, does everything have to be about you?

To get da pussy.
Re: Legality. 2002-03-05 09:34:55
by forge
I'm bout pussy.
Re: Legality. 2002-03-05 10:18:26
by stale
No, you're bout road head.
Re: Legality. 2002-03-05 19:26:57
by forge
damn skippy