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waitin' fo it. 2002-02-24 05:54:00
by caridwen
And the seven day count down to my 18th birthday (and the massive amounts of illegal, drunken, sexually perverse debachery that shall go down in celebration) begins.

Cake 2002-02-24 12:30:01
by Anonymous
I got this birthday cake was just for you...
Re: waitin' fo it. 2002-02-24 21:51:40
by caridwen
that's dirty.
Re: waitin' fo it. 2002-02-24 23:31:21
by forge
thanks dave. that was...enlightening.
Re: waitin' fo it. 2002-02-24 23:40:31
by marasmus
Ever try to shit in an airplane? With severe turbulence? you get your head bashed in from being thrown about the bathroom! it sucks!

As far as the accuracy thing goes, it's a lot like trying to liqui-shit into a small paper bag. As Jimmy "Admiral" Shlong can tell you, it's NO EASY TASK. He can also tell you that it's even harder to set that bag on fire, because manic laughing and flailing of the arms causes lighters to extinguish themselves in the late night breeze... which smelled like ultra-potent mexican-food liqui-shit.
Re: waitin' fo it. 2002-02-25 01:55:25
by AdmiralSchlong
I still dont know how we pulled that off.........
Re: waitin' fo it. 2002-02-25 10:51:08
by stale
Remember that one time we set that aligator mailbox on fire with a plastic bag of your shit mixed with mint scented rubbing alcohol, Mar? That was *SO* nasty smelling.
Re: waitin' fo it. 2002-02-25 20:59:46
by forge
all i have to say is SeaHorse...ph34r with much ph34r
Re: waitin' fo it. 2002-02-25 22:34:41
by scrantoine
that damned thing scattered in a million directions when it the guys remember mailbox patrol around my neighborhood that afternoon when that idiot derek papageorge hit a car with his golf club? what a stupid fuck.
Re: waitin' fo it. 2002-02-25 23:57:26
by stale
AHaHAHAAH! We *SO* ran from the cops on our bicycles. That kid was/is a fuck. Remember leaving a dishwasher planted in his front yard on Thanksgiving morning?
Re: waitin' fo it. 2002-02-26 00:47:05
by forge
yea, that kid is the eternal fuck. that dumb bastard.
stale, remember that fuckin huge wooden black cat all lashed down with rope and shit? that guy was *PISSED* when kitty when flyin. heheh
Re: waitin' fo it. 2002-02-26 03:23:35
by caridwen
i don't give a fuck about the deliquent activites you hoodlums did was children!
none of you care about me. you only care about shit and mailboxes and dishwashers in front lawns! nobody gives a damn about me!
Re: waitin' fo it. 2002-02-26 10:01:33
by mararsmus
But that's the point!!!! It's the last week where you can really do stupid shit like that! TAKE ADVANTAGE! Listen to the sage-like advice of us "former" hoodlums. *cough*

enjoy being 17 while you can. You'll miss it soon enough.
Re: waitin' fo it. 2002-02-26 10:21:12
by Anonymous
yah, you could be bad....or you could eat some birthday cake we made for you.....or you could have

and no matter what path you choose, just make sure you choose cock slap death.....
Re: waitin' fo it. 2002-02-26 13:50:14
by stale
Two hands baby!
Re: waitin' fo it. 2002-02-26 15:59:03
by caridwen
you shitheads make me look normal, decent and pure.
well, at least decent and pure.
Re: waitin' fo it. 2002-02-26 17:09:09
by stale
How about, "you shitheads make me look"?
Re: waitin' fo it. 2002-02-26 17:09:54
by stale
Re: waitin' fo it. 2002-02-26 21:10:38
by someguy
remember all the shit we threw in your yard forge? like the porn in the mailbox that your grandpa kept and the baracades in your driveway and the car stereo adn the rancid noodles and the bag of shit and the dishwasher? damn that was soem great shit i tell ya
Re: waitin' fo it. 2002-02-27 02:55:44
by caridwen
stale: let me rephrase, you make me look normal decent and pure.
damnit, doesn't anybody give a damn my birthday is in less then a week?
Re: waitin' fo it. 2002-02-27 10:06:09
by stale
Caridwen != normal || decent || pure
Happy Birthday... FUCKFACE!
Re: waitin' fo it. 2002-02-27 13:17:13
by caridwen
oh thanks.
you know stale, when i take over the world and turn the entire population into zombified slaves, i was going to keep you human and give you your own harem of corpse babes. but now... i'm just not feeling the love, mah brotha.
Re: waitin' fo it. 2002-02-27 15:50:26
by stale
I'll be nice if the corpse babes are what used to be a local highschool cheerleading squad. *grin*
Re: waitin' fo it. 2002-02-28 14:57:27
by caridwen
we shall see.
you best be gettin' mah birthday presents in the mail people, three days to go!
Re: waitin' fo it. 2002-03-01 08:34:39
by Anonymous
i gave you cake and wang, no more.
Re: waitin' fo it. 2002-03-01 17:04:57
by caridwen
cake and wang. i don't *need* cake and wang. I can totally live *without* cake and wang. but nooo..
i totally see where i rank on your totem poll of important people. *hrmpf*
But what if? 2002-03-01 19:02:00
by Anonymous
What if all you wanted was cake and wang? That cake was yummie. The wang tasted better. And you want it. You like it. You love it. You can't live without it. Wang. Cake. Cock. suck fuck titty masturbate, stoke a cock, suck a dick, eewww no don't suck a dick, eat some pussy, fuck shit mother fucker cock balls, tits pussy. Now enjoy your cake. Enjoy the wang. Smell like teen spirit. Do a dance? Smell!! SMELL!!!! and there is no totem pole, just my pole, which can be enjoyed. but you can't enjoy it. cause it is my pole. and my pole is my pole but the poll about the pole says that the wang is an important part of life. everyone needs a deep dickin. WANG!! poop. Fart shit cunt cock slut nasty poop piss cock balls.
the rant is over, go home, nothing to read here. That was pointless.
Re: waitin' fo it. 2002-03-01 20:02:54
by caridwen
i think someone should give you some downers before you gnaw your hands off at the wrists.
nevertheless! the was quality.
Re: waitin' fo it. 2002-03-05 09:36:19
by forge
like some go-downers? man i miss highschool...