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AhahaHAHa! 2002-02-20 17:09:08
by stale
Here is a picture of a really bad ass Camaro I found on Auto Trader's website. I would like everbody to notice the dog shit on the ground next to it. Next, here is just another example of why women should ride in the back of the car (unless they're offering road head). And finally, here is an excellent way to keep your computer from being stolen.

Re: AhahaHAHa! 2002-02-21 12:15:45
by marasmus
Dude... the cemented computer could totally become a practical joke gimmick... fill your friends' computers with cement while they're sleeping! muahahah!
Re: AhahaHAHa! 2002-03-05 09:42:46
by forge
Fuckin' A... ya could just tie sum'bitch 'round someones neck and toss'em off a bridge.
It's a lil extra work but it has a more flair then a boring ole' pair uh cement shoes.