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sum bitch! 2002-02-16 19:46:33
by jeremy

Re: sum bitch! 2002-02-17 01:35:16
by stale
I guess since trillian doesn't offer 4500 differnt places to put banners we're not allowed to use it. Whores.
Re: sum bitch! 2002-02-17 13:33:33
by marasmus
What would AOL/Time Warner be if they weren't a monopoly? Nothing. Their monopolistic buyouts and consolidations of every IM network possible is completely fucking sick. They're threatened that Trillian can offer the same sorts of multi-IM consolidation features that AOL would *like* to write into the software, two years from now. So they're thwarting the competition while they propose a buyout letter. Smokers of the rock-cocaine.
Re: cool!http://vectorstar.netsum bitch! 2002-03-13 04:49:16
by netcn
i like
Re: sum bitch! i like http://vectorstar. 2002-03-13 04:52:04
by netcnom cool!