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Love them sports hero's... 2002-01-26 14:08:49
by chevy
Just wondered if anyone has noticed what that big dumbass Mike Tyson has done to make himself look more and more elegible for parole during his next rape offense trial. I'd get in the ring with his stoopid ass just to kick him in the fucking nuts before he detroyed me utterly. On a personnal note me and Sara have been in our house for a few weeks now... It's great! However, Up until last week I had been unemployed and with all the out-of-work peoples trying to take even the most meanial, low paying cashier jobs down at the Bp market it has been rough getting any work other than giving hand jobs for crack. I got a job with this industrial construction company named Davis. now I am working as an electrian apprentice. The pay in way better than what you usually get in the area plus there is plenty of overtime. So if anyone wants to drop by the house is ready and we can now afford liquor;>By the way, just wondered why the board is so boring lately... none of the old people ever get on here anymore, what happened to tony and laurie, and even Pogo.

Re: Love them sports hero's... 2002-01-27 03:33:35
by stale
Where is said house? You move so god damned much I can't keep track anymore.
Re: Love them sports hero's... 2002-01-27 19:04:43
by marasmus
Ya know, marta and I were talking about you today... I'm still due for vacation time with mah job, and if it isn't snowing, I'd prolly be crazy enough to drive up there for a week. Like always, it's that "I'm due for vacation but there's no way in hell my boss would let me take vacation until this project is over" crap that i've been in for a year straight... F it.

Congrats on the job! That's definitely good news. Working with high voltage electricity seems like the perfect job for you - fits the personality well. :) Take it easy bro.