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Tech Support: One crutch away from a telethon! 2000-05-08 11:29:00
by vahman
I call IBM, and ask them the differences in hardware between 2 of their models. They don't know!!!!!!!!!! These incompetant bastards don't even know their own products. I proceeded to call the company THREE times to make sure of the answer I received. What is wrong with this picture? Why can't these Techs earn their money, or IBM needs to pay more to get competant people employed. Everytime I call, it seems as if the Tech support person goes to IBM's website to find the answer to the problem. I already went there............that is why I am calling. I can't find the answer I needed on the website. Dumbshits!

Check this out! What a crock of shit!

Freedom of speech is non-existent anymore. You can get arrested or sued for anything. It sucks!

What??? YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!