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AOL Linux???? 2002-01-19 20:00:27
by josh
Wow... just imagine! AOL reportedly in talks to buy Red Hat

Re: AOL Linux???? 2002-01-19 21:16:22
by jeremy
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Re: AOL Linux???? 2002-01-20 01:18:41
by stale
sirius, isn't AOL where you lease your T1 from anyway?
Re: AOL Linux???? 2002-01-20 02:25:43
by jeremy
Nah... I require at least 56k speeds from my T1, we get it from Internet Junction.
Re: AOL Linux???? 2002-01-20 02:39:05
by stale
Good call. Internet Junction is a rock solid provider. Between the felony tech support and reliable code red infected service, it's a smart solution for any serious business.
Re: AOL Linux???? 2002-01-20 10:32:47
by marasmus
Don't forget fraudulent credit card charges to people who have never had service from IJ... it makes them *The* number one provider in Tampa Bay.
Re: AOL Linux???? 2002-01-20 13:25:37
by jeremy
AOL and IJ have a lot in common... "Your so easy to use no wonder we're number one!"
Re: AOL Linux???? 2002-01-20 14:32:59
by stale
You know... a couple of girls that I know would fall into that category too.

Hi Meg!
Re: AOL Linux???? 2002-01-21 04:05:11
by caridwen
i may be easy, but i have standards.

i'm sorry stale, but you meet none of them.

Re: AOL Linux???? 2002-01-21 10:01:31
by forge
yea, i wouldn't drop myself down to that level either.
sorry meg
Re: AOL Linux???? 2002-01-21 13:28:52
by stale
Hell, I'm so far above your standards that you can't even tell if I meet them or not. I'm the shit that takes two flushes!
Re: AOL Linux???? 2002-01-21 18:37:05
by jeremy
... explains that smell!