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netsuck by lampreysoft 2002-01-09 20:33:51
by marasmus
NetSuck is old, but it's still funny.

anyways, on to the real topic. I'm flying to washington DC for thursday and friday to fix some servers for work. some playa-hatin' sucka rolled up into dat bitch and rooted one of our servers. Yeah, it's my job to keep them secure. But what can you really do when your employer insists on running RedHat 6.x, refuses to let you install patches to production machines, and is too cheap to even subscribe to up2date for RedHat? You, like me, can grab them ankles.

Moral of the story? Don't run RedHat. If you do, hack it out SO hard that it's no longer RedHat. Oh yeah... taking a fresh install of RedHat 6.2 and trying to apply all of RH's patches for 6.2 is practically impossible. So many packages have cyclicly conflicting package and library dependencies that it is impossible to apply practically any of them. If you gotta run Linux in the bidness, either tweak out on Slackware or go with Debian, using a strongly regimented update schedule. Lock shit down, upgrade everything, remove anything setuid root, be paranoid, and install multiple IDS's.

Re: netsuck by lampreysoft 2002-01-10 21:24:13
by Anonymous
isn't up2date free ? I red the agreement and it didn't ask for a credit card or say anything about billing.....your company must be cheap ;-P
Re: netsuck by lampreysoft 2002-01-11 15:09:31
by marasmus
up2date is free for one-computer use. If you want to use it (like my employer does) on over a dozen servers, they want some flow for providing their service. cheap bastards. it's not like it's hundreds of dollars a month... i bet it's not even one hundred dollars a month. it's prolly like 20. sad.