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"Why reproduction should require licensing" 2000-05-08 02:08:00
by chevy
I really try hard not to hate the entire population of this god forsaken rock, but somtimes these little parasites seem to beg for the sweet release that only a hollow point 44 magnum to the head can give while visiting some friends at their community pool I overheard a conversation between 2 young men and their female companion, it seems that these 2 adults in training, no more than ten at best, were really dead set in getting into this litte girls pants tonight and she while obviously no older than them spoke as if she were already well versed in the arts of erotica... while those of you that know me can atest to the fact that I myself am one sexual fiend, I truly think that the parents of these kids are to be sadisticly tortured, violently killed and their broken corpses hung in public display until these fucking morons realize that MTV is not a good rolemodel, puberty should come before natural sexual curiousity and the Gods that they have rejected for money and materials will someday rise to avenge the innocence that they have sacrificed on their alters every fucking day. Nievity is a beautiful thing, once lost it is gone forever, so when are you fucking people going stop thinking about yourselves long enough to realize that our children are being raped of their childhood by sexual predators, emotional and physical abuse, pieces of shit for rolemodels or plain ole' neglect. I can truly say that these peoples lives could never be worth the magic that their chidren have given up for them, and the kids don't even realize it's gone..I mourn for them...