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New Years Party 2002 2002-01-01 16:15:43
by marasmus
Much thanks to the hospitality of the Orlando crew... The party was definitely fresch. I am proud to bring to all participants the incriminating evidence that will forever ruin their hopes of becoming card-carrying members of the Christian Coalition.

At last, the New Years 2002 Pictures. I feel bad for Matt. He had himself far too much to drink :0

Re: New Years Party 2002 2002-01-01 16:26:54
by marasmus
Okay.. so how much alcohol did we go through there? like 2 cases of Smirnoff Ice and a dozen bottles of liquor?
Re: New Years Party 2002 2002-01-01 16:42:05
by stale
Yeah, and some strange brownies...
praise the lord 2002-01-01 17:44:10
by skinner
Re: New Years Party 2002 2002-01-01 17:45:10
by skinner
i didn't get tee-bagged and if i did i don't see any pics of it .... i just doesn't get any better
Re: New Years Party 2002 2002-01-01 17:46:57
by scrantoine
We had roughly 3 cases of smirnoff thanks to ashley's donation and drew's bit. Forge waxed the sky vodka that drew brought and a bottle of Goldschloger was killed by drew and matt I think. We still have most if not all of the beer I supplied and the beer drew brought plus some of that cider stuff vu bought. God damn those pics are funny....I don't even remember what I was doing when you got that pic of me jumping in the air.
There's something about brownies.... 2002-01-01 19:00:17
by Stu_Munch
.... mmmmm, tasty. That might explain the heavy brain feeling I was having... and yet, I was totally coherent and FELT sober. Amazing. It was a pleasure, though, meeting most of the VectorStar crew. Just glad nothing got broken and no foreign stains anywhere on the floor/beds/bathrooms.
Just how much 2002-01-02 14:49:48
by Namesty
We had at least 4 cases of smirnoff (2 from toine, 1 from ash, 1 from me) and whatever drew brought. some brownies, and a shit load of the hard liquor. drunk on the floor.