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Perpetual Knocking? 2001-12-21 08:33:32
by caridwen
Well it's about time the guy's girl of Vectorstar's all-boys club interjects a few choice words of wisdom.

Orange juice and my breasts, the best things in life.

But seriously.

Besides workin' Crimmus, bein' down with my anatomy, and smokin' a pack a day, I ain't got shit to speak on.

So I pose this question to you all:

If a train leaves New York City at 9:45 am traveling at 35 miles an hour, and and a train leaves Chicago Illinois going 50 miles an hour, what is the percentage chance I will be getting more ass this holiday season then anyone besides Stale?

Yeah, I thought so.

Re: Perpetual Knocking? 2001-12-21 11:25:14
by stale
Nobody will be getting more crimmus ass than me.
Re: Perpetual Knocking? 2001-12-21 17:21:22
by vahman
I beg to differ.
Re: Perpetual Knocking? 2001-12-21 17:23:08
by stale
Oh, that's right. Your Mom'll be knocking boots all crimmus with the wolfman, right?
Re: Perpetual Knocking? 2001-12-22 09:21:47
by forge
I thought she must have already done so just over 2 decades ago.

Besides, we all know the egg-stained hooker is gonna be gettin more ass then all of us.

Re: Perpetual Knocking? 2001-12-24 02:24:10
by caridwen
stale: i never said anyone would be getting more Crimmus ass then you. Cheel.
forge: calling stale an egg-stained hooker isn't a nice thing to say. I know you're jealous of the ass he shall recieve, but damn.
vahman: i have no comment for you besides "sup?"

And lets get back to me and how much I rule, ok boys? time to adore the Cari. It's been a while, god damnit.

Re: Perpetual Knocking? 2001-12-25 01:04:38
by vahman
Not much Caridwen. Bein' happy with my girlfriend and working my ass off.

Whats up with you?

Fuck A Bitch! 2001-12-26 14:06:27
by marasmus
better late than never, as I JUST got home from NY...

check the title.
It should be understood that I had the antithesis of crimmus ass. Someone (not Forge!) should dial me up.

"The tax-man giveth, the tax-man taketh, the tax-man's a pimp, so the tax-man breaketh" - Sir Mix-a-Lot
Re: Perpetual Knocking? 2001-12-26 17:08:39
by stale
Well, if it makes you feel better, I got enough crimmus ayass for everybody on this board. I was all festive and shit with my jingle balls...
Re: Perpetual Knocking? 2001-12-26 18:31:30
by marasmus
stale: brings a whole new meaning to the ding-dong of the bells on crimmus. :)

I'll take a stab in the dark, though, and say that stale is still not the tax-man. Sorry bro, but the IRS is gonna take y0 stash.
Re: Perpetual Knocking? 2001-12-26 23:14:43
by stale
Stash meaning the pocket change I have left after my ex-girlfriend rapes my pocket? Shit, the tax-man can suckonmyballs.