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Heh 2001-12-14 16:46:05
by vahman
I am currently locked out of my apartment since I don't have the key on me. Luckily, Marasmus pulled some swerves on the way home and he will be here in 15 minutes. In the meantime, what is there to do. Well, I have my laptop on me, and I happen to have a wireless access point inside my apartment. Currently, I am sitting on the ground next to the door and making this post. Gotta love technology.

Re: Heh 2001-12-14 17:43:11
by josh
Yes, I love technology... but I'm fuckin jealous of that wireless access point! I'm bringing my laptop over next time so we can play :) muhaha!
Re: Heh 2001-12-14 22:10:02
by stale
Josh, you should bring your girlfriend next time too so we can play. Oh...
Re: Heh 2001-12-15 00:37:46
by josh
stale, if I had a girlfriend I'd be so overjoyed at this point I'd gladly bring her over for some play... but in the meantime why the hell does everyone have a "secret" name and I'm using my real name? Hey "Marasmus"... think I could have a "secret" name too? Shouldn't I be rewarded in some way for attending the meetings? :) The Wall? hahaha... remember that? Now I gotta think of a damn name for myself... any suggestion? (none from stale please!)
Re: Heh 2001-12-15 02:04:31
by forge
how about giovanile?
i find it rather fitting with all this talk about "secret" names and all of our childish antics
Re: Heh 2001-12-15 03:19:37
by jeremy
Re: Heh 2001-12-15 03:22:34
by forge
it's italian for juvenile, wh0r3
Re: Heh 2001-12-15 08:53:26
by josh
On so many levels a word that means "juvenile" is very fitting for me, besides the fact that making up "secret" names seems childish. However, I'll pass on your suggestion, I don't want to be names something childish or italian.
Re: Heh 2001-12-15 17:03:41
by stale
Josh, what about "Queer Johnny" or "He Whore"?
Re: Heh 2001-12-15 17:54:24
by marasmus
Stale/Johnny: *laugh* You're trying to mask josh as your alter-ego again? :) You can't live vicariously through josh, bro :)

Josh: what about the word "precipice"? it's just fun to say. precipice. prec-i-pice. PRECIPICE!

it's not so much a secret name as it is an alter-personality of sorts. Marasmus is generally pissed off and frustrated with the world (among other things), and wants to rant about stuff. dramatic. a lot more dramatic than boring old me. :)
Re: Heh 2001-12-17 09:06:49
by vahman
Why can't we comment on me being locked out of my apartment like a dumbshit.

Josh: for a nickname I would pick "Mailman". Stale would like that one.

Re: Heh 2001-12-17 09:44:59
by stale
You could just pick "Wolverine". That'd make Vahman feel right at home.

Vahman: Did you ever find your TV?
Re: Heh 2001-12-17 09:49:55
by vahman
Find my TV?

Did you ever find your father?

Re: Heh 2001-12-17 10:05:59
by josh
Re: Heh 2001-12-17 17:12:26
by stale
Re: Heh 2001-12-17 17:20:20
by josh
damn frank, you always have something to say don't ya! hahaha... i'm glad to see it took you a matter of hours before you had to make fun of the name... sigh, good job!
Re: Heh 2001-12-17 17:39:16
by stale
Pokey (i.e. Pokey in the "Take It Bitch" picture).
Re: Heh 2001-12-17 23:59:24
by josh
I'm glad to see my alias amuses you. I think I've served my purpose by entertaining you. I only wish I had the time to do more.
Re: Heh 2001-12-18 09:26:37
by stale
Re: Heh 2001-12-22 17:35:19
by forge