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Crimmus Fun Time! 2001-12-13 14:15:02
by stale
Hi! I don't really have anything interesting to post, but I figured that a few pictures from my company's Crimmus party couldn't hurt.

For example, here you can see how thrilled Julie and I were to be there. Here the entire technical staff I work with is recognized. Although this may be a little old school for some, here I am getting my Crimmus on.

That would be, in the butt Bob.

Re: Crimmus Fun Time! 2001-12-14 09:30:22
by marasmus
Some observances from pictures:
    1. Greg looks like.. well, Greg. He's no fun.
    2. Q looks like he gained 50 pounds, stopped workin' bowflex, and hammered down an entire palette of twinkies. Hopefully it's just a bad picture.
    3. Holmes between you and Q (i'm assuming this is Tom) looks EXACTLY like Fletch.
    4. Crimmus'in like heyll! Crimmus'time in Hollis, Queens! Actually, that was nothing at all like christmas in hollis, queens.
Re: Crimmus Fun Time! 2001-12-14 09:43:49
by stale
Nah, Q likes to sit up here all day and snack down on junk. Barrel Ass Mother Fuck.
Re: Crimmus Fun Time! 2001-12-14 09:47:58
by phallus
Hey Marasmus, j00 4r3 g4y 4s |-|311
Re: Crimmus Fun Time! 2001-12-14 09:50:53
by stale
Re: Crimmus Fun Time! 2001-12-14 09:51:48
by Anonymous Bastard
Re: Crimmus Fun Time! 2001-12-14 14:08:22
by marasmus
Damn.. i haven't gotten my normal friday 'j00 4r3 g4y 4s |-|311' in a long time! I kinda miss it!

I'm still wondering how the hell Fletch got in that picture :)
Re: Crimmus Fun Time! 2001-12-14 14:26:36
by stale
Yeah, Tom kinda does look straight up like Fletch before he shipped off. He's nowhere near as nuts though :)
Re: Crimmus Fun Time! 2001-12-15 03:24:15
by forge
yea, sadly i must bow down to fletch for his outward disposition
the man definitely tops me for acting like bitchcrazyasfuck