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kiss mah ass 2001-12-12 05:48:43
by forge
well, rachel's gone.
couple of us went to breakfast and off she goes.
i'm really gonna miss her while she's gone, not that any of you actually care but its 5am, im tired and i need to vent so i can get back to sleep.
So if im a mopey bitch come end of the week, deal with it. composure was kept as she left, though the car ride home was rather misty. at the moment this makes for rather difficult reading with eyes full of tears.
Not to single anyone out, johnny, but you're mah boi. if you wanna be cool, i'm down. otherwise keep your mouth shut. ive always been there when you felt shitty without any criticism. the last thing i need this week is shit from you to entirely break me down as though things werent bad enough already as is.
If anyone has a problem with any of this, please feel free to fix your attention to the title above
I'll depart now and leave you all be.
for those of you that have someone special in your life, cherrish them. you don't realize how important they are till they're gone.

Good luck, good riddence, and most importantly
good night...

Re: kiss mah ass 2001-12-12 10:22:57
by stale
It's cool baby. I ain't gonna bother you about it at all. You wanna come over and just hang tonight or somethin'? I can't let a brotha sit at home all depressed.
Re: kiss mah ass 2001-12-12 11:04:56
by forge
we'll see. my sore throat pretty much went away and i can speak again but it's moved into a head cold, slight sinus infection. starting to calm down a bit and hopefully it wont turn into the flu or pneumonia as with a few other people.
but yea, i might swing by after work tonight for an hour or so tonight depending on what time i get out.

lataz gorgeous

Re: kiss mah ass 2001-12-12 11:42:04
by stale
The fact that you can't speak might actually be a blessing in disguise.
Re: kiss mah ass 2001-12-12 12:01:39
by forge
Going blind and deaf might be a blessing with you around, on so many levels.
Re: kiss mah ass 2001-12-12 14:11:19
by stale
Well, with the amount you play with yourself, the blind part shouldn't take long... yah masturbatin' fuck!
Re: kiss mah ass 2001-12-13 01:22:22
by forge
masturbation has kept me single, sane, and out of parenthood.
anything else?
Re: kiss mah ass 2001-12-13 09:17:18
by stale
Sane? I dunno if it was masturbation that kept yah single...
Re: kiss mah ass 2001-12-13 12:09:07
by forge
ok, so i'm a bit on the looney side, so?
hwackin' it may not have kept me single, but it damn sure helped
Re: kiss mah ass 2001-12-13 14:06:33
by stale
You should hammer that one amazon bitch at the castle.
Re: kiss mah ass 2001-12-13 23:41:46
by forge
sadly i have an idea of who you may be talking about.
we'll see... ;)~

oh, and i've pretty much talked that shifty eyed bastard Mark from work to come to the castle so he can hammer some scary gothic bitches cause the man need to get laid.
bitch aint had pussy since pussy had him...well maybe not that bad, but 3 years is a while heh.

Re: kiss mah ass 2001-12-14 10:41:52
by stale
Good, we goin' out tonight. I'll drive if yah want.