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In the HAUGHHH!!! 2001-12-10 01:21:20
by forge
Forge is back'n the muthafuckin HAUGH!

heheh, well kids, rachel leaves tuesday.
one less thing to worry about though I'll be sorry to see her leave. I'm really gonna miss her. Most of ya know why, and for those that don' doesn't really matter =P

Anyhow, dis bitch is all up on the bass sk33lz again and totally down wit some Parliament Funkadelic Jungle Boogie love and all kinda good shit of the like ;)~

Let the comments fly, as I'm sure they will.
Better make'em worth my while to read or don't bother to waste mah GOT damn time.
Ready and waiting... =)

For those of you who I haven't spoken with recently, there will unfortunately be no fun gifts handed out this year as I live in poverty.
Sorry everyone, but I'll try to make up for it next year. Thanks in advance for everyones understanding.
btw, don't drink kmx at 11:30 and expect to fall asleep anytime before 2am heh

Re: In the HAUGHHH!!! 2001-12-10 16:00:47
by hahaha
Re: In the HAUGHHH!!! 2001-12-10 17:22:33
by stale
Forge, all you really need is some pussy and a fast car. Say it.
Re: In the HAUGHHH!!! 2001-12-10 19:23:51
by forge
pussy is over rated, and ya pay for it one way or another regardless...
and a fast car will just get me into more trouble then already thus far ;)
what i really need is some money or a funeral(my own preferably)
Re: In the HAUGHHH!!! 2001-12-10 22:03:15
by stale
Nah, yah just need pussy. It don't matter if you have to pay for it. And a fast car might cost less than the gay-kart that you're currently driving.
Re: In the HAUGHHH!!! 2001-12-10 23:19:50
by hawhaw
perhaps you didnt understand, DISH WASHER IN YOUR FRONT LAWN.
Re: In the HAUGHHH!!! 2001-12-11 10:01:34
by stale
Dish washer and some road cones in Derrick's front yard?
Re: In the HAUGHHH!!! 2001-12-11 16:35:37
by forge
yea, if I find out who left that weird shit by my house in the street heads are finnuh roll.
Re: In the HAUGHHH!!! 2001-12-11 16:43:51
by stale
Someone left you a dish washer?
Re: In the HAUGHHH!!! 2001-12-11 19:07:08
by marasmus
forge, are you referring to wierd shit left by your house _recently_, or in the past, say, 2 or 3 years? :)

Re: In the HAUGHHH!!! 2001-12-11 21:55:32
by forge
i didnt pay much attention to wtf it was.
it looked like a rather large white tub with some pumps and copper lines out in the street.
i just ignored it and parked mah car in the driveway. it was pitch black out so i couldnt make out much else. was gone when i went to work in the afternoon.

and no marasmus, i assume id made myself clear when i threatened to kill you guys if that happenned again

Re: In the HAUGHHH!!! 2001-12-12 00:37:31
by caridwen
Re: In the HAUGHHH!!! 2001-12-12 10:57:58
by stale
Meg sucks my balls.
Re: In the HAUGHHH!!! 2001-12-15 03:24:53
by forge
meg sucks my...oh