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Please tell me WTF! 2001-11-28 00:24:49
by toby
To start, I hope everyone at Vectorstar and elsewhere had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving weekend! And what about myself, it was about 50/50. Here is the deal...

Wed. My Girlfriend (who I haven't seen in about 3-4 weeks) comes up to see me & spend time with family. You see now that she is in school in Ft. Lauderdale it is hard to see her at every waking moment. Anyway back on track, she gets in and all is well in the world.

Thurs. Wake up, go eat at my parent's house and also at her parent's house. Eat so damn much that the day couldn't go to shit. It just wasn't possible.

Fri. & Sat. Yet again more time with girlfriend, can't get enough of her. We spend time with family and eachother, still all is well in the world.

Sun. She packs up her things and is back off to her place in Ft. Lauderdale. This is about a 3.5 hr drive so you must fill up before beginning the trip (remember this part of the story, it comes up later). Sometime between midnight Sun and Sun. morning some crazy fucking prick steals her fucking civic! Now if this isn't bad enough much of her stuff was still in the car. I can't blame her to much since she did just drive a few hours and must be tired. She left many of her clothes in the car that she took to get washed since the place that she lives in is owned by some commie bastards that charge $1.25 for washing alone in one of the smallest fucking washers I have ever seen. Also left in the car were her CDs that she listens to, and her school supplies. Now you are prolly thinking, "So what about a book, folder, and a few pencils", well i shall have you know that she had her optometry equip in there. That shit is expensive as all hell! I am talking a nice down payment on a car, are real fucking nice down payment. Now that she is left without her clothes, school supplies, and cds what else could they take? Well how about the hood, head-lights, front fenders, spark plugs and cables, and also the fron bumper. Sounds like these people have WAY to much free mu fuggin time to me. Well anyway I am about done. I only have a fiery rage inside that I could easily use to a more constructive manner. Now to just find that constructive thing.

Well here is a pic so that you will see that I am not lying about this car.

P.S. Sorry if this didn't make sense or has fucking typos or whatever, I couldn't give a shit!

Re: Please tell me WTF! 2001-11-28 10:05:44
by stale
DOOD! I know it's not funny, but I can't help but laugh. Why the hell did they take the plugs and wires?! Did they leave the stereo?
Re: Please tell me WTF! 2001-11-28 11:19:24
by toby
Yes they left the sterio, just remembered they took the Honda imprinted floor mats also! Bastards.
Re: Please tell me WTF! 2001-11-28 11:45:43
by stale
I think you need to call the ricecops on em.
Re: Please tell me WTF! 2001-11-28 12:03:31
by vahman
That site is awesome!
My car is the ultimate riceburner. With it's 5.7L engine and Borla exhaust........not to mention how the exhaust pops as I pull away. I love racing Civics.
Re: Please tell me WTF! 2001-11-28 15:31:02
by marasmus
That is probably the most insane vehicle theft I've ever seen. I just can't make any sense of it... They didn't steal anything of any great value - just quick-to-grab pieces. It seems more like whoever doing it was either looking for kicks, or looking to replace broken parts of their car. It also completely fucks me up that they took the time to steal the front quarter-panels, but didn't steal the stereo. It's fucking nutty.

And that ricecops site is bad as hell! I wanna order a book of those ricecops tickets and start ticketing assholes who waste their money on stupid cosmetic mods. harassing the fake-Type-R people is especially high on my list.
Re: Please tell me WTF! 2001-11-29 15:21:52
by Anonymous
hey, you guys get subaru legacies in your country? that one parked next to the civic looks real crap though.
Re: Please tell me WTF! 2001-11-30 08:44:12
by toby
Sterio Update - Aparently the crooks to did this dastardly deed knew a little about the Civic. The Civic's radio will no longer work if it is removed from the car. This is prolly true with Acura's also and many other new cars. BTW she got an update from the assessment of the vehicle damage. The damage is in excess of $4,000.

Think she will have her car before Christmas?
Re: Please tell me WTF! 2001-11-30 11:15:36
by stale
Sterio Update #2 - It's spelled 'stereo'
Re: Please tell me WTF! 2001-11-30 13:51:26
by vahman
Sterio Update #3 - Why would you want a Civic stock stereo. The headlights are worth more, and produce better sound.
Re: Please tell me WTF! 2001-11-30 14:51:57
by stale
I dunno man. Those Civic stock 'sterios' produce a bad ass 7 watts per channel on 2 whole channels. Remember the one I had in my old '81 Econoline? That shit used to BUMP that Dr. Crankenstein subwoofer in the back like a mother fuck.
Re: Please tell me WTF! 2001-11-30 15:17:03
by vahman
Rumor has it that the Civic stereos support more than 1 speaker with new "rice 'n sound" technology. On top of that, you can switch the level of volume the sound comes out of on each speaker. They call this "balance". Oh, and I believe that model of sterio(tm) has a "loud" button that adds 2 more watts per channel. Technology is rediculous nowadays.
Re: Please tell me WTF! 2001-11-30 15:19:31
by vahman
Update: The spelling of rediculous has been changed to ridiculous since Microsoft has purchased the original spelling from the dictionary.
Re: Please tell me WTF! 2001-12-05 11:15:21
by forge
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