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Since I am the only one that posts...... 2001-11-26 01:09:43
by vahman
Well, I received an Intel OR840 board via UPS I had purchased on EBay. Due to the fact that Marasmus has a vary similar setup, I was able to test this beast..........and it was broke as hell. For those of you that don't know what an OR840 seems to be, it is a dual slot I pIII motherboard (very pimp). So that is one server that will be very hard to build, due to the fact the board does not work.

Supposedly, on 11/29, we are going to be given the gift of broadband. If everything goes as planned, I will no longer have to surf the net 1980's style. Marasmus did however manage to gimmick a cool-ass Linux dial-up firewall, which is much better than the WINS infested bouillion we were using before.