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cari vs. the geo metro 2001-11-22 03:23:29
by caridwen
so i'm walking home from the store in the rain tonight, and this fucker almost hits me with his fag car. the damned thing stops a good two inches from my right knee cap.
naturally the guy pulls up beside me and asks if i'm alright... i remember squeaking out something along the lines of "spiffy neato, thanks for not crushing the condoms in my pocket."
so who won? i think it's a draw.

Re: cari vs. the geo metro 2001-11-23 10:25:40
by Anonymous
You win. You could have caught a good case of broken leg, or dead. Those cause you to automatically lose.
Re: cari vs. the geo metro 2001-11-24 01:35:30
by caridwen
yes, but the whole point of that adventure was to get me laid. did this happen? no!
i think the episode with the geo stole all my good karma.
Re: cari vs. the geo metro 2001-11-24 19:33:06
by Anonymous
But maybe it is for the better?
Re: cari vs. the geo metro 2001-11-25 01:32:11
by stale
Caridwen, if it makes you feel any better, I have had endless sex all weekend. Want me to make her say your name?
Re: cari vs. the geo metro 2001-11-25 02:45:40
by caridwen
i hate you stale.
get some fucker 2001-11-26 20:15:17
by forge
s'all good, i haven't been laid in about 3 or 4 months so don't feel too bad.
to top it off some asshole stopped short in front of me so i'll get laid all the more in my :busted-ass: gaykart...*glee*