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Wanna play Hide the Sausage? 2001-11-14 18:29:01
by chevy
Wazzzzup!!!! We're in Tennessee, freezing our asses off. All of you Florida people suck. Anyways, despite my Nazi deathcamp job and eternally speaking parents, happiness exudes. We are only weeks away from living in our new house, we just laid the carpet down last weekend, and are now working on the kitchen tile. The neighbors already run in fear. Perhaps they will be a little more comfortable when they meet the newest member of our mutant family, as he surely has something in common with them. Yes, that's right, we are now the proud owners of an inbred puppy dog. *glee* His old owners referred to the fact that his parents (a brother + sister) mated and spawned 14 offspring as a "miracle of god." Either way, he's really really cute, a beagle/hound mix, and has already proved himself a worthy member of Vaginal Assault by tearing apart our fleshy bits, decimating everything in sight, and expelling various penile/anal discharges all over my mom's carpet. And occasionally on our stuff. We have christened our newest accomplice in feminine hygienism, "Raphael," of Ninja Turtles fame. For those of you who actually miss our psycho terrorist asses, we will be down to visit next weekend for Thanksgiving. I suggest you stock up your liquor/clove supply. We miss you guys, and are really looking forward to seeing you, and hopefully inflicting some chaos in a place that has been too peaceful since we left. : ) We have this penis/cum stains on yo mama's sheets/carpet bomb dat ass

Re: Wanna play Hide the Sausage? 2001-11-15 12:44:43
by stale
Word up! You better give me a call and stop by while you're down, otherwise I will rain down the Taco Bell + Zippo fury.
Re: Wanna play Hide the Sausage? 2001-11-16 14:39:30
by marasmus
Speaking of the Taco Bell + Zippo fury, I'd like to add that I have to share office space with someone who ate the Monte Cristo for the rest of the day.

It'll be good to see how Chevy and Sara have dealt with living in the Homeland of "Deliverance". Any place where people consider the breeding of mutts anything close to a 'miracle of god' must be the inspiration for that movie. :)
Re: Wanna play Hide the Sausage? 2001-11-16 21:05:40
by forge
right the fuck on.
we'll have to fuck dat ass up when you come down here...oh
Re: Wanna play Hide the Sausage? 2001-12-05 11:47:17
by Kina
Wszyscy polacy maja do mnie inf "chce strone" a dostana adres super strony, wchodzcie tamm boi chce wygrac klonkurs a do tego poczeba duzo wchodow wiec pomozcie. poland loves sum 41, caluski 4 all, lol