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And so it begins 2000-05-05 22:51:00
by pogo
After a fun night of harassing people, i stumble into a cute little computer store. The salesman claims that his people are certified in all kinds of BS. So i ask about Sun, hoping that i could get a clue as to why my spanish sparc hates me. The nice man informs me that possibly install windows 98 will detect the drivers my sparc needs, and will help me out. I also note that a Diamond Stealth 2000 pci 2mb video card was for sale at $99. I shouldn't have to say any more.

On to other things, people need to comprehend english. I don't claim to know big words that impress. But i should have no problem communicating with people.

Error connecting to socket. Code 0x2726
after said message, i usually can no longer send messages :)
should be enough for a tech person to understand that there is a problem in the software :)

a haiku about poop: Oh my stank filled turd, oh how rotten brown you are, why must you haunt me?