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computer fun time 2001-11-06 11:33:42
by stale
First, here is a detailed howto on cleaning your hard drive.

Also, here is an email thread betweeen Quantum and myself.

Re: computer fun time 2001-11-06 11:44:42
by vahman
I am going to clean both my Atlas 10K's when I get home. I will benchmark a before and after and post the results. Screw a RAID card when you have a toothbrush!
Re: computer fun time 2001-11-07 14:18:51
by stale
You think you look good in that car?
Re: computer fun time 2001-11-07 15:16:56
by vahman
No, I think I look good in your wife
Re: computer fun time 2001-11-09 10:21:32
by forge
maybe it's just me, but i think your forehead on my belt buckle makes me look good.
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