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fuck off 2001-11-01 22:23:42
by pogo
Maybe you don't get it. It might be that you are dense. I WILL NEVER SPEAK TO YOU AGAIN. I EXPLAINED ONCE I CAN TAKE A JOKE. I ALSO EXPLAINED I WILL NOT HAVE MY GIRLFRIEND INSULTED. But you obviously do not care. And so, I will never speak to you again.

Re: access denied 2001-11-04 13:47:40
by stale
Due to the fact that some people on this board are able to openly insult me, but are unable to take a harmless insult in return, I have removed this message from the board. I don't mind someone putting up a post joking about me, but I do mind when people get offended by the jokes I retaliate with. Obviously Pogo wasn't prepared to deal with my insults back, so in order to prevent further conflict with my boy, I have removed this post from the board.
Re: fuck off 2001-11-04 14:13:25
by stale
Pogo, get out of high school.
Re: fuck off 2001-11-05 19:37:44
by marasmus
I think the main point of this was that your retaliation back was totally over the line. His joke (which was a little harsh, but not across our sick-and-twisted imaginary line of good taste) was met with a comment on a topic known to be considered not-funny/do-not-touch-with-a-ten-foot-pole, which did not only involve him, but also his girlfriend, and used their real names (one of Pogo's pet peeves).

it was just the icing on the cake when you reposed the same comment, still with real names, after he deleted it... I understand how that could be considered deliberate and malicious, rather than funny/joking.

Moral of the story? copious fornication doesn't mix with the beer olympics. If you don't get it, you aren't familiar with the VectorStar Team's inside jokes. :)
Re: fuck off 2001-11-06 09:58:12
by stale
You also have to keep in mind that if you're parked outside Forge's house at 3am while laying on the horn that his neighbor might run after you in his underwear. Oh... wait...
Re: fuck off 2001-11-06 10:55:55
by stale
I also forgot to mention that I just don't give a fuck.
Re: kiss mah arse 2001-11-08 13:49:38
by forge
not that you'd ever want to see my neighbor in his underwear, but i could be wrong. you fuckin flamer