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Gaydar... 2001-10-30 14:45:51
by stale
... fo real!

Check it out.

Re: Gaydar... 2001-10-30 16:37:23
by bobshoe
Explains that strange beeping always coming from your apartment...
Re: Gaydar... 2001-10-31 13:56:18
by stale
Dood! That's only cause your gaydar was able to pick it up in the first place.

Re: Gaydar... 2001-10-31 14:13:34
by marasmus
for clarity's sake, it's not stale's apartment that the beep is coming from, it's his ass. Him and that shove-things-up-there-and-lose-them fetish. Sick bastard. I told him he needed a new hobby, but he insisted that there's no better way to have fun with a screwdriver and a roll of duct tape. Go figure.
Re: Gaydar... 2001-10-31 14:38:39
by stale
Re: Gaydar... 2001-10-31 15:55:00
by bobshoe
Homo? This coming from the fuchsia queen wearing my mom's combat boots? ...and for the record, I borrowed it from splovell.
Re: Gaydar... 2001-11-10 22:12:07
by forge
it's all good that stale likes to wear womens underwear and get jagged in the ass by his girlfriend and a strap-on. there's nothin wrong with that. oh shit, wrong conversation...wh00ps