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So true.... 2001-10-30 09:50:37
by vahman
I can't believe they are going to do this.

This article is so dead on with the views and thoughts of people today.

You think you look good in that car?

Re: So true.... 2001-10-30 10:28:24
by forge
god damn that's some funny shit
Re: So true.... 2001-10-30 11:54:35
by pondera
I'm already a member and I feel like I am a better person already! No more pirated music for me. Maybe I'll go to heaven now...
Re: So true.... 2001-10-30 14:44:23
by stale
This reminds me of that one time the guy at Time Warner asked me for access to my fileserver.
Re: So true.... 2001-11-13 11:38:45
by forge
didn't he also ask for access to the milkdud?