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linux + windows = lindows? 2001-10-26 00:22:40
by josh
check this out

What's really sad is he'll probably make a fortune, whether it ever takes off or not! ...sigh!

Re: linux + windows = lindows? 2001-10-26 08:39:34
by vahman
I am really curious to see how many compatibility issues there will be with this software. According to there PR post, it is an OS based on a linux kernel, that can run any specified Windows application. If it turns out to be stable and compatible, that would be a definitely impressive accomplishment.
Re: linux windows = lindows? 2001-10-26 17:30:12
by Anonymous
got WINE ?
Re: linux + windows = lindows? 2001-11-09 13:49:14
by brian
This is actually a kewl way to get people afraid to try linux over the hump of that. Once they are comfortable with it, they'll likely do a real linux/bsd install.