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glowing green start 2001-10-23 18:59:25
by josh
From reading this message board, I'm under the impression that the majority of the people here are not Windows users, but I thought I'd let ya know about my eXPierence so far with Windows XP. I got the OEM version of Windows XP Professional on Thursday night, a week before it was supposed to launch. I installed it after a quick "format c: /u"... and I was off. XP installed with few problems and never once did it ask me about drivers or to insert any third party disk. After about an hour of "installing" it finally booted up to a very happy looking "welcome" screen. Anyway... on with the stuff you'd care about... It's super stable! Windows itself has yet to crash once. I've had programs crash, but it doesn't take XP with it. Its burns CDs for me without third party software, and does everything I'd want my computer to do. It even allows me to host a website from my very long IP address, and even supplies me with Terminal services to login to my computer remotely. I'm super happy with it, and its a huge improvement over Windows 9x, Me... but not too much of a worry if you have Win2k, stick with it. Sure, I'll admit it, I'm a Microsoft lover... but their products do what I want 99% of the time, so go ahead and rip me apart if you have Windows, or if your interested... ask me questions... either way, I don't care because my Start button is a pretty shade of green!!!

Re: glowing green start 2001-10-23 19:07:25
by Anonymous
Got Gaydar?
Re: glowing green start 2001-10-23 20:44:16
by Anonymous
tasty xp is, very tasty indeed
Re: glowing green start 2001-10-23 21:35:15
by stale
Josh, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't your server the only one on the VectorStar network that had code red? :)
Re: glowing green start 2001-10-23 23:37:01
by josh
oh no... i've started an attack on myself just because I happen to like a Microsoft product... sigh.
Re: glowing green start 2001-10-24 13:05:34
by vahman
If you have any questions you are dying to get answered about AOL 7.0, email
Re: glowing green start 2001-10-24 13:29:26
by stale
Please use my hotmail account for support with all versions of America Online:

Re: glowing green start 2001-10-24 17:13:53
by marasmus
I've gotten to play with XP too, on Vahman's box... it does seem to be very stable. Even the venerable Marasmus, loather of all that is Microsoft, has got to admit that XP is a very big improvement over previous versions.

Now, the day Microsoft manages to create any client-access server application (mail, web, etc) without major security holes will be an historic, though unlikely, day indeed. :)
Re: glowing green start 2001-10-24 17:21:35
by vahman
If you have any MSN questions, Stale can also cover those. The correct email address for that is:


Re: glowing green start 2001-10-24 19:43:45
by josh
Marasmus... wow, constructive, and yet completely unoffending criticism! How new and exciting for this message board!

Thank you!
Ding dong 2001-10-24 21:07:39
by pogo
i was only kidding with got gaydar ^_^
i officially support MSVC ;)