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Highlighter marks on my penis 2000-05-05 11:45:00
by vahman
So another warez ring got busted. This E-news is getting crazy. Everyday someone is either getting sued or arrested on the Internet. It's amazing how in just a short period of around 5 years the Internet changed from "14.4 dial-up, who gives a shit" to "E-World: Betta' watch yo' back".

If you have Quake 3 arena installed...........make sure you patch it. There is some security flaw where a server can overwrite any file on your hdd. Just in case you didn't know.

I now officially have a Slackware/NT server. This server is a P233, 64MB RAM, ATI All-In-Wonder Pro, 6x DVD Drive, and 2x/6x Cd-Writer. Don't ask why I have all the extra shit in it. I just do!

Napster: Great program or Great problem on the next Jerry